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Our first Lifeplace Pathway 101 is all about YOU and finding out how we can help you find people to connect with, and Catch-ups for you to attend!

We believe the church should be the most inclusive community the world. Our heart is for people to discover an authentic and welcoming community; a place that is for the ones and many. From the misfits to magnets, from the holy to the lonely.

This core value is outworked and brought to life through our people; authentic and welcoming individuals from all walks of life, connecting with people from all walks of life. A community that not only believes in diversity, but celebrates it at every level.

Learn more about this in our 101 Pathway, if you’re interested in joining our Pathways simply fill out the form above and one of our team will get in touch with you soon!

We believe in inspiring individuals and families to lead impactful lives through demonstrating the power of the gospel. Our passion to be a relevant community of faith in our city, is matched by our commitment to uphold the word of God with integrity in both word and deed.

Our deep seeded desire to see people connect with this eternal message of hope is fuelled by our uncompromising conviction to communicate in practical ways the depths of Christianity.

We believe in the power of a mobilised church. A church that encourages ordinary people to understand that together as a community we can be part of building something extraordinary. A community that places significance on every person and empowers them with the confidence to believe that no matter who they are, they have a part to play.

As our church continues to expand and reach a greater breadth of people, we are constantly pioneering new pathways for people to partner their skill, time, resource and passion with the house of God.

We believe in using modern and innovative methods to empower people to influence society 7 days a week. Be it at the family dinner table, the corporate boardroom, out on the work site, or in a lecture hall, our passion is to help you point people in your world to Jesus.

Progressive in our approach, we hold firm to our Biblical convictions, whilst pursuing new benchmarks in technology and methodology. We want everything we do to tell the story of Jesus to our community with clarity and relevance.